• East Cost Pizza arrives at 11 set up 1 hour serve pizza 12-2
  • 2-3 serve espresso and cappuccino  and  Italian ice or gourmet gelato
  • 3:00 -  clean up 


  • East Coast Pizza arrives at 5:30  set up 1 hour serve pizza 6:30-8:30
  • 8:30-9:30 -serve  espresso and cappuccino  and  italian ice or gourmet gelato    9:30 -  clean up 
  • We can accommodate flexibility upon request.


Parties of 50 or less:

Monday – Friday lunch     $1,000

Monday – Thursday Dinner $1,000

Friday Dinner   $1,100

Saturday and Sunday lunch $1,100

Saturday and Sunday Dinner $1,200

Holidays Lunch and Dinner  $1,200

**Each additional group of 25 people is an extra $300

Book Now

We have some bookings that are reserved up to 1 year in advance so give us a call and lets see what date or dates you had in mind and what we have available.

Customized Menu

Would you like to add some unique items to the menu?  No problem, our chef is open to creating the perfect event for you so just let us know what you had in mind and lets make your event amazing, gluten free options available upon request.

Travel Rates (round trip)

  • 50 guests  $ 50/hour of travel
  • 75 guest   $ 75/hour of travel
  • 100 guest $100/hour of travel
  • 125 guest $125/hour of travel